There is a better way... and James Blacker’s The Wisdom Diet will show you that way.

Click the video below to hear how the five main concepts of conventional dieting are upside down, and hear from a class participant.

The Wisdom Diet

The Wisdom Diet (E-Book)
by James Blacker

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The Wisdom Diet for Weight Management

Welcome to The Wisdom Diet.  This is for you to finally achieve your joyful and sustainable weight management with an ‘ease’ quality to it.

I’m not saying it’s a click of the fingers, but it is your natural way, that we can return to as quickly and directly as we allow ourselves to.

Through this philosophy and community we’ll learn that the conventional way of dieting is flawed – rather like hitting the wrong rock; people try and force exercise or denial of food and hope that the very things which are driving all of that are going to simply go away.

There is a better way.  …it’s based on listening to the body.  …it’s based on wisdom and understanding of your true, underlying self behind the conditioning and negativity that society unfortunately often brings.

Your issue is not with food – or exercise – but what motivates them against your best interests. That’s why I wrote The Wisdom Diet, and have created this support community, and am creating this new culture.

It’s a change, a new way, and a fair bit to get used to, so please do get in touch and let me help you. Ask questions on the Facebook Page, or email me directly.  Let’s see what we can get going… and what ambitions we can let go of so they don’t own us!

Kind regards and best wishes,

James Blacker

Hi, I'm James Blacker,
Founder of Life and Health Wisdom,
Creator of Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Success, and Author of The Wisdom Diet